Monthly Tips

Are you interested in learning how to take care of your lawn on a month to month basis? Then please check out our monthly tips, where we provide information based on each month to help you out.

Winter to Spring


Do you need help with finding the perfect tree and lawn care specialist for your lawn? Here are a few tips and suggestions.


In February’s monthly tips, we cover how to set the proper lawnmower height for each season, how often you should mow, and technical tips for your mower.


March is typically the month where you begin to revive your lawn from its winter slumber. We provide raking and mowing tips for march.

Spring to Summer


Did you know that you can use turfgrass as a water purifier? We also cover how much water to use while sprinkling your lawn.


Learn how to adjust your sprinkler system for the best results, even with weekly watering restrictions.


Prepare for the hot summer months by learning deep watering tips and learn how to increase your grass’s root lengths through proper fertilizing.

Summer to Fall


Instead of watering on a scheduled basis, let the condition of your grass and soil determine how often you need to water your lawn.


How to best take care of your Kentucky Bluegrass, and know that each variation of the grass has different needs.


September is one of the best months for fertilization for cool season grasses such as Blue grass, Rye grass, and Fescue.

Fall to Winter


Are you getting ready to shut down your sprinkler system? Read on to learn more about preparing for the winter months.


Be careful not to scalp your lawn when mowing your lawn, and keep on top of raking leaves to ensure your lawn doesn’t get smothered.


If you don’t get any snow coverage, be sure to water your lawn every 4-5 weeks to ensure your lawn is getting enough moisture.