Employees Needed!

If you like working outdoors, there may be a job waiting for you at your local tree and lawn care professional company. Click here and search through the various companies located near your home. Each will have different positions available for various lengths of time at various wages. Some jobs do not require any former experience.

Give one or more tree and lawn care companies a call and you may be on your way to a career in horticulture – whether it is part time employment for a few weeks or full time year round. Job opportunities await your call!

If you need additional help, you can contact the office for the Colorado Arborists and Lawn Care Professionals although we do not carry a listing of specific jobs available at any company. Phone: 303-850-7587.

Internships / Career Days

CSU Horticulture Dept.

CSU Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department hosts a student career day every year in mid-February when employers are invited to come to campus to visit with students as potential employees. Contact information can be found below.

Dr. James Klett
970 491-7179

1173 Campus Delivery, CSU,
Ft. Collins, CO 80523

Dr. Tony Koski
970 491-7070

1173 Campus Delivery, CSU,
Ft. Collins, CO 80523

More info is available at this website
College of Agricultural Sciences

Pickens Tech

Internship for any student who wants it, students must have completed ¾ of the required courses before applying. Internships are with private businesses, government agencies (schools, golf courses, parks & rec departments, county or city forestry departments, etc). A job board is maintained at the school so all horticulture announcements can be sent to the following information. A job placement service is also available for all students and former students through the school.

Bill Cary, 500 Airport Blvd, Aurora, CO 80011
Extension: 27764
We realize that springtime is when most of your members will be hiring seasonal employees and summer interns. The HLT Faculty at FRCC want you to know that Front Range Community College is always happy to receive and announce / post job and internship opportunities open to our students. Students looking for partner employers, can go to the listing of CALCP members on this website and search for a company near you. By contacting the company, perhaps your inquiry would encourage them to use this program as a source for employees.

Employers wishing to make announcements to students at FRCC may do so in two ways.

If they wish the announcement to reach the college community as a whole (that is all horticulture AND non-horticulture students), they can place a job announcement on Front Range Connect (https://frontrange.edu/connect/), our website based career services board. To post an announcement, all an employer has to do is register with the site and then place their advertisement/announcement. Once registered, they can place announcements on the site any time they have an opening. Since Front Range Connect is open to the whole college community, any type of job announcement (from a summer mower operator or garden center worker to a multimedia graphic designer or bookkeeper) may be appropriate to post. When a job announcement relates to horticulture, the staff overseeing Front Range Connect will send the HLT an email alerting us that there is a new job posting. This way we can make sure it is announced in class – if classes are in session.
We also have a “old fashioned” job boards outside our classrooms, so we encourage potential employers to send their job announcements to the HLT faculty by email. The easiest way to do this is to select the appropriate HLT faculty member from our program’s splash page – https://frontrange.edu/hlt/ and send us the announcement as an email attachment in Adobe Acrobat® (.pdf) or Microsoft Word® (.doc or .docx) format. Links to faculty profiles are on the right side of the page. At a faculty profile a few clicks will get you to the faculty member’s email address (the few clicks are to help keep spam-trawling web-bots from clogging state servers with offers for shares of Saharan salmon farm riches). It is pretty straight forward/intuitive. Employers sending us such announcements are encouraged to make sure that the announcement includes several tear-off employer contact tabs. This way the announcement does not disappear with the first student who is interested.
HLT Faculty, Westminster Campus, Front Range Community College
3645 West 112 Avenue, Westminster, CO 80031
Phone: 303-404-5039
Fax: 303-404-2178
You should also know that at FRCC the Horticulture and Landscape Technologies program approaches the student’s internship as a learning experience that starts with a real-world job search. This means students are expected to work for an industry employer (rather than for the college), and that they must start the internship experience with a real-world job search. All students completing an associate of applied science degree through our program must complete a three credit internship (135 hours of work spread over 10-15 weeks). To complete his/her internship and earn credit for it, a student must (1) find a cooperator, (2) enroll in and pay for the internship course, and (3) successfully complete the internship/cooperative education goals set forth by faculty. Contact a faculty member to get this list of goals.

FRCC’s horticulture program is pleased to acknowledge the ongoing support for scholarships provided by ALCC, CNREF, The Colorado Garden Show Inc., and Happy Transplants Garden Club. If you would like to support a scholarship for FRCC students please contact our Foundation office by calling 303-404-5000.