August Tips

Kentucky Bluegrass in Colorado

Kentucky Bluegrasses are used widely for high quality turf in Colorado. There are more than 25 varieties available in Colorado today. They vary in fertility needs, reaction to weather conditions, disease resistance and other characteristics. Bluegrass has good drought resistance, and can actually go dormant in the middle of the growing season and survive long periods without water. Although Kentucky Bluegrasses requires consistent cultural practices such as weekly mowing and approximately 2″ of water per week during the hottest months, if an extended drought occurs, it will simply go dormant. When this happens, be patient. The turf will come back to life with consistent watering in several weeks. Do not fertilize at this time. Wait until the turf has returned to green and you have mowed it several times. If the turf has still not responded after several weeks of watering, you may have an insect or disease problem. At that point you need to call a professional for consultation.