July Tips

Dealing With Hot, Dry Weather

July is typically the month when consistently hot, dry weather sets in for the remainder of the summer. Let the condition of the grass and soil, not the number of days since watering, be the guide to irrigation. Use grass appearance as an indicator of when water is needed. Evidence of footprints that remain a few minutes after walking over the lawn and blue-gray appearance of wilted turf indicate that irrigation is needed. When these situations occur, deep watering in these localized areas will help to get a deeper root system and will store water in the soil for future plant use. In Colorado, we can rarely depend on rainfall as a substantial means of water for healthy turf. Don’t let a couple afternoon showers fool you into rolling up the hoses or turning off the sprinkler clock. Continue to monitor for weeds in the turf and treat appropriately. Certain below ground insect damage may appear at this time in the form of dead or dying areas. These areas may require treatment by lawn care professionals.