October Tips

Shutting Down Your Sprinkler System

October is the month where you may be getting ready to shut down your sprinkler system for the winter. As the days get shorter, lawns are under much less stress from the sun and therefore require much less water. Watering should be done occasionally if dry weather persists where once per week should be adequate. Before shutting down your sprinkler systems, water heavily to help prevent root damage to your lawn that can occur over the winter. You may need to water a few times with a hose over the winter during periods when there is no snow cover and especially in those areas that are mostly exposed to the sun. Fall is a good time to aerate your lawn, as the soil is opened up allowing water and fertilizer to get to the root system which will increase winter hardiness. Cores will slowly break down over the winter and work their way back into the soil. You will want to do this before the soil freezes and after the lawn has been adequately watered which will ensure deep cores.