GreenCO Legislative Update 5/7/2024

Tomorrow, May 8th is the final day of the 2024 Legislative Session. The General Assembly is in a mad dash to get all their work done as there are still many bills still trying to make it through the process. Yesterday was the final day to introduce legislation and we saw a bipartisan property tax bill dropped, SB24-233 Property Tax. This bill is flying through the process and if passed will lower both residential and non-residential property tax over the next couple of years.

Below are updates on some of the high-level bills we are tracking for GreenCO.  

HB24-1008 Wage Claims Construction Industry Contractors – GreenCO – Opposes – The bill in on the Senate 3rdReading Calendar for today, May 7th. It is anticipated to pass on a Party-line Vote. In working with other groups from construction industry we are now working on letters to the Governor to Veto this legislation and we recommend GreenCO send a letter as well. 

HB24-1014-Deceptive Trade Practices – GreenCO – Opposes – After being laid over for action only in the Senate Judiciary Committee since 3/18, the bill was finally heard on 5/3 and was postponed indefinitely. 

HB24-1083 Construction Professional Insurance Coverage Transparency

Bill Description – GreenCO – Opposes – The bill has been in the House Appropriations Committee since 1/25 and still hasn’t been scheduled, it will most likely die on the calendar.

HB24-1178 Local Government Authority to Regulate Pesticides – GreenCO – Opposes – The bill was laid over on the House Floor until May 9th which essentially kills the bill as the session ends on May 8th. Each year we see this come back and we continue to educate and gain support from legislators to defeat the bill. We will continue to educate over the interim as we will see many new faces in the legislature next year.

HB24-1260 Prohibition Against Employee Discipline –  GreenCO – Opposes – The bill passed Senate 3rd Reading on 5/4. There were changes made to the bill, but the business community still has concerns that weren’t addressed. We could see this legislation challenged in the courts. 

SB24-100 Commercial Vehicle Highway Safety Measures – GreenCOAmend – Passed through the process and is waiting to be sent to the Governor. The bill was heavily amended to address industry’s concerns.

SB24-106 Right to Remedy Construction Defects – ALCC/GreenCO – Supports The bill took 17 days to be introduced in the House after it was passed the Senate. This showed that it was going to be an uphill battle. The Sponsor, Rep. Bird, was worried that the bill would be hijacked in committee and asked that the bill be Postponed in the House Transportation, Housing & Local Government Committee. We will work with a large coalition over the interim on this issue.

SB24-165 Air Quality improvements – GreenCO – Opposes – This bill along with a few other air quality bills was Postponed Indefinitely. There was a grand compromise between the Gov’s office, environmentalist, and the oil & gas industry which would stop this bill along with others and multiple ballot measures in 2024.